Tag: #NaPodPoMo

  • No Data


    It's day twenty-four of National Podcast Post Month (#NaPodPoMo)! It's also the last. #NaPodPoNO! Brian and Melissa are out of data on our hosting plan.

  • Thanksgiving

    An Urban Dictionary Thanksgiving

    On today's edition of the show, join Brian & Melissa as they give thanks as only they can. We play Mel vs. The Urban Dictionary: Thanksgiving Edition.

  • Dangling Bits

    My Bits They Be A Danglin’

    I'm so sorry guys and gals... My bits, they be a danglin'. Also, this is a logistics episode. Listen to hear what's coming up next.

  • Rascal

    Debilitating Rascal Accident

    Brian is old. His body and mind are falling apart. Melissa takes great joy in telling him about how this is a thing. And... Brian wants a Rascal.

  • Mufasa Shouts

    We discuss hippies, hippos, and hip-hop. Following that conversation, we discuss going to our nieces' play and Mufasa shouting to show emotion.

  • Deep Inky Blacks

    On today's episode, Brian discusses the strange businesses that follow our Twitter account. He also tells Mel about the "deep inky blacks" on modern TVs.

  • Thanksgiving Turkey

    Itchy Nose Noise

    Today's recording starts with Mel and her itchy nose. We move forward discussing what can be expected as we move into the Thanksgiving holiday season.

  • Baywatch

    Baywatch Theme

    It's day seventeen of National Podcast Post Month (#NaPodPoMo)! In today's episode, Brian and Melissa talk the Baywatch Theme Song.

  • The Brain

    Brain Proof

    Brian has BRAIN PROOF. He's also saying words that have no meaning when strung together. Things are falling apart. Mel has rice on the leg, it's raining food scraps, and - in the end - we blame our kids.

  • Dollar Bills

    Make It Rain

    It's day fifteen of National Podcast Post Month (#NaPodPoMo)! On today's episode, Melissa has a meltdown. No, really. She's eating the microphone covers and wanting to make it rain. Brian is here, too.

December 23, 2019
We're back!