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  • Dollar Bills

    Make It Rain

    It's day fifteen of National Podcast Post Month (#NaPodPoMo)! On today's episode, Melissa has a meltdown. No, really. She's eating the microphone covers and wanting to make it rain. Brian is here, too.

  • Phoenices

    Today, Brian and Mel bring back a standard feature from The Unadulterated BS Podcast... This Week in BS. In today's story, we talk about phoenices.

  • NaPodPoMo

    We Put the Po in #NaPodPoMo

    Mel gets angry about Po. Not former co-host Robert Poe, the Po in NaPodPoMo. Brian doesn't let her hear the end of it, because what fun would that be?

  • The Kids


    Brian and Mel discuss Melissa's red eyes. They're so red and irritated. Speaking of irritated, what happens when your five children just won't be quiet?

  • Amazon Alexa

    Comedy bronze brought to you by Alexa

    It's day eleven of National Podcast Post Month (#NaPodPoMo)! Brian and Mel discuss their creation of comedy bronze. We also discuss Brian's daily Alexa usage.

  • Skateboarding Fall

    He’s Gonna Die!

    It's day ten of National Podcast Post Month (#NaPodPoMo)! Brian and Mel give thanks to a couple of podcast listeners and friends as well as discuss how their son is going to die on a skateboard. In addition, we discuss Wolverine's hair/mask combo.

  • Thor: Ragnarok


    It's day nine of National Podcast Post Month (#NaPodPoMo)! And, we've failed. Thanks to an untimely illness, we were unable to record for the past few days. However, we return today with every intention of continuing our #NaPodPoMo journey. Today, Brian and Mel discuss recent movie release Thor: Ragnarok.

  • Aggressive Last Name

    It's day four of National Podcast Post Month (#NaPodPoMo)! Today, Brian and Melissa finally introduce themselves to you, the listener. We also talk about our aggressive last name, Melissa's new name, and the terrible sexism running rampant in the Star Wars universe.

  • #NaPodPoMo – Day Three – Sad, Empty Wine Glass

    It's day three of National Podcast Post Month (#NaPodPoMo) and today Brian and Melissa are flying by the seat of the pants. There's no archive diving today! In this particular episode Brian and Mel discuss a sad, empty wine glass. Yep. That's it. Exciting stuff really. Just listen. It's short, I promise.

  • #NaPodPoMo – Mediocre of – Mini Episode 94 – 12 Days of Christmas

    It's the second day of National Podcast Post Month (#NoPodPoMo). Once again we dip into the archives as Brian and Melissa introduce one of our few recorded mini-episodes. Originally recorded in December 2013 and titled 12 Days of Christmas, this is one of our personal favorite recordings ever. It is with great pleasure that we present to you 12 Days of Christmas.

December 23, 2019
We're back!