Best of The Unadulterated BS Podcast 2017

We’re a few short days away from the end of 2017 and we want to hear from our listeners. What was your favorite episode of The Unadulterated BS Podcast in 2017?

How to Vote…

To narrow down the possible selections, I have put a link to every podcast we’ve produced in 2017 below. Below those links, there is a quick form where you can send us the title of your favorite episode or leave a comment below with the title. Once we’ve narrowed down the list of possible episodes, we’ll post a poll on Twitter, Facebook, and on our website to determine your favorite episodes of 2017. We’ll reveal the best of 2017 in an upcoming episode.


Submit your favorite episode

Thanks for your initial vote. We’ll have the final poll up as soon as we can narrow our options down to 5-10 episodes!

Brian Dunkel

Father of three, plus two more. If my math is correct, that's five. Asking how that came to be is a story best heard. Professional underachiever who has been podcasting since 2010 as host of The Unadulterated BS Podcast.

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  1. December 29, 2017

    […] I had been stating we would be taking a week off, but more than likely you’ll see our Best of 2017 episode at some point next week (Speaking of, help us by voting for your favorite 2017 episodes here). […]