About Us

The Unadulterated BS Podcast is a weekly pop culture/comedy/slice of life podcast that originally originated from Sun Prairie, WI. Our “studio” has moved several times since to Verona, McFarland, and back to Sun Prairie, all communities neighboring Wisconsin’s state capitol, Madison. Hundreds of listeners from all around the world have downloaded and enjoyed the show since it’s inception in late 2010.

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From 2006-2018, we’ve produced over 100 hours of original podcast content under The Unadulterated BS Podcast banner. During 2016, we also started producing two spin-off podcasts, Brian & Mel Get Married and Liquorflix, both featuring Brian Dunkel and Melissa LaCombe. Starting in 2017, we’ve resumed our weekly podcasting schedule and format with guests, surprises and more.

Each episode can be an adventure. Topics can vary wildly from politics and parenting to pro wrestling and movies. A lot of this can depend on the guests we have on the show and how their lives have intertwined with our hosts’. In addition, each episode features a weekly news segment, known as THIS WEEK IN BS, where we take a look at pop culture news items of merit (or of little merit, depending on your point of view) for the week.