Feel The Joy

Brian and Melissa go it alone in the precursor episode to our annual recap of Greg’s Birthday Bus Trip Bash™. Also, it’s time we had a chat, America.

Feel The Joy

Brian and Melissa get things off to a shaky start while trying to remember the word anthropomorphize. All of this in regards to our coffee maker. Yes, reader, it is one of THOSE episodes.

Previewing the Recap

In our upcoming episode, we will go over our recap of Greg’s Birthday Bus Trip Bash™. On this episode, we offer up some audio that was recorded on the actual bus trip. I will warn you that there is a lot of background noise on the accompanying audio. It’s definitely able to be listened to but it can be a little on the loud side. We apologize in advance for the quality and for Brian being drunk.


Let’s Chat, America

Brian and Mel end this week’s episode asking America to know it off. That is all.

If you’re feeling depressed, need help or want to help, please make use of these resources:

Music In This Episode

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