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LiquorFlix – Silent Night, Deadly Night Part II

Our Patreon subscribers gained access to their first piece of bonus content. LiquorFlix talks over Silent Night, Deadly Night Part II.

What is LiquorFlix?

Think cult classic and Netflix hit Mystery Science Theater 3000. The gang from The Unadulterated BS Podcast watches a movie and records our own commentary track. You listen to our podcast while you’re watching the movie in question and press play when you hear the tone. That’s it. Just sit back and enjoy our selection of a, more than likely, terrible movie and the commentary track we’ve recorded.

Don’t have a copy of Silent Night, Deadly Night Part II? You can purchase it via Amazon through this link: The movie can also be purchased on iTunes and Google Play or wherever movies are sold.

LiquorFlix is currently a Patreon exclusive podcast.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform where creators, such as ourselves, can create content for our patrons. In our case, we are providing bonus content not available anywhere else. To become a patron of The Unadulterated BS Podcast, head to and sign up. For as low as $1/month, you’ll receive all the bonus content we create. You can always pledge more, but a minimum of $1/month is all you need for our current bonus content.

There are more plans for Patreon exclusives for our patrons. These bonus podcasts are just the beginning.

Become a Patron!

Why do I have to pay?

Producing podcasts takes time and money. While we love our hobby and have done it for basically free for seven years, there are costs associated with podcasting that we’re trying to offset. Every dollar made through Patreon will be re-invested into the show. This includes creating new podcasts, merchandise, and other podcast-related endeavors.

The Unadulterated BS Podcast will always continue to be free through Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and other popular podcast distribution methods. However, we will produce bonus content only available through Patreon including podcasts like LiquorFlix or other special presentations.

In short, you don’t have to pay to keep enjoying The Unadulterated BS Podcast, but you may miss out on exclusive bonus podcast episodes.

What’s next?

There is one more Patreon-exclusive LiquorFlix episode to be posted for the month of December. That’s meant as a thank you to our first subscribers for giving us a chance. In the future, we will always have at least one Patreon-exclusive podcast per month in addition to any other bonuses or tiers that we create on Patreon. Many of those things are up in the air, but we’ll continue to post information both here and to our Patreon page to keep you posted on fun new content and exclusives.

Thank You!

Thank you to all of our regular listeners and fans. Moving content to Patreon is not intended to affect your normal listening, but as a means to help us move into the future of The Unadulterated BS Podcast. We hope you’ll choose to lose out on that 1/2 cup of coffee each month and become a Patreon subscriber!

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