Booze and Women

The Unadulterated BS Podcast - 134 - Booze & Women

We’ve made it through November! As a result, we have survived #NaPodPoMo and all the data it consumed. We’re back with some full-sized BS for your earholes. This week… Booze and Women!

ThanXmas giveth and taketh away

It doesn’t take long for your hosts, Brian and Mel, to start discussing the booze portion of our episode. ThanXmas has come and gone and while we apologize for not recording a full-length episode with our friends in attendance, a festive holiday spirit infused the lot of us and fun was had by all. But, not everyone was able to make it out of ThanXmas unscathed as Brian suffered a speech-related injury causing the delay of this show when he lost a tooth long in need of repair. Due to this, Brian was on the DL for a few days and can’t quite speak at 100% for this episode. Please send sympathy cards via email.


While discussing their evening with a Brady Bunch-sized blended family, Brian and Mel unveil their long-discussed plan to rent out that family to those seeking alternative forms of birth control. Obviously, everyone is loved and this segment is all a joke not to be taken too seriously. I mean you. Yes, you. You know who you are thinking this going to help you in some way. * Editors’ Note: Did it just get weird in here?

Not yet a woman

From talking about kids to talking politicians hitting on kids, our hosts sure know how to make a segway. Yes, we took a moment to talk the Alabama Senate race featuring accused sicko Roy Moore and our President Donald Trump. Get over it. We are prone to doing this every now and then, especially when we’ve covered all the topics in my notebook.

This Week in BS – Booze and Women Edition

The End

Brian and Mel finish up their first, feature-length podcast in nearly six months with a large number of plugs. Thanks for listening and we’ll be back Tuesday, December 12th with another new episode due to the delay mentioned at the beginning of this episode.

Music in this episode

“Rock Thing” by Creo is licensed under an Attribution License.

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