The Unadulterated BS Podcast Blog November is #NaPodPoMo

November is #NaPodPoMo


What is NaPodPoMo?

November is National Podcast Post Month. Every year for the past decade. National Podcast Post Month or NaPodPoMo is akin to the 30 day writing challenges that you may have started and then stopped 9 days into the month. Instead of writing, however, each day a new podcast should be released. You can learn more at

What does NaPodPoMo mean for The Unadulterated BS Podcast?

To celebrate both NaPodPoMo and our return from a lengthy hiatus, The Unadulterated BS Podcast will be posting one episode a day for the entirety of November. These episodes will vary in length and content and serve as the jumping off point for the show going into 2018.

To prime the pump, you’ll see a few bonus episodes being released over the next few days with new intros from Brian and Mel focusing on episodes from our past. You’ll hear past hosts and guests and have a chance to relive some of our funniest and unadulterated moments.

What happened to the podcast?

So much has happened. Overtime, we might even share it with you. I kid. Of course you’ll hear all about it in the coming weeks and months. We hope you’ve hung around during our hiatus and we apologize for the delay. We’re excited to be jumping back into podcasting and celebrating National Podcast Post Month!

And so we say to all of the Little BS’ers out there, in the style of Optimus Prime at the end of those horrible Michael Bay Transformers movies: It’s time to go out and re-subscribe to our RSS feeds in your favorite podcast listening app (find out how here). Remember to stay tuned to our Twitter & Facebook pages in addition to Get ready for some more Unadulterated BS! See you in November (or you’ll hear us, actually).

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