The Unadulterated BS Podcast Podcast Vol. IV, Episode 10 – Greg vs. The Bar Crawl : Flingin’ Fries and Mooning Guys

Vol. IV, Episode 10 – Greg vs. The Bar Crawl : Flingin’ Fries and Mooning Guys


It’s the return of Nate and Greg as the entire gang discusses the recent St. Patrick’s Day weekend bar crawl/bus trip celebrating Greg’s birthday. We quickly come to realize that Greg remembers almost none of it and we tell the entire, sordid tale for his sake and yours.

Brian introduces the show being sure to thank those that have rated, reviewed and subscribed to The Unadulterated BS Podcast. He also harasses Melissa about her response to her introduction, but what else is new.

We dive right into the postmortem for Greg’s birthday bus trip bash, naming names and establishments throughout the early part of the show. Here’s a quick run down of the establishments we visited that evening.

Madison, WI Area Bars we visited during the bus trip

During the reveal of these bars, we decide to poke fun at Nate for planning the bars we visited as some of them were completely unprepared for the type of crew we were bringing in with us.

We discuss how the four (five of us including the microphone-less Beth) were sitting near the front of the bus and acting like old cranky people while the younger, cooler bar crawlers were far more aggressive in their drinking right from the get go.  This led to numerous members of the bar crawl, Greg included, not making it through the entire evening.

We start to dive into what Greg actually remembers from the evening which includes him being compared to John “Cougar” Mellencamp. Greg was also wearing this…

TL;DR: Greg was drunk. Brian and Nate were angry. Melissa and Beth were mostly amused by the entire evening. I’ve hit all the high notes and I’m not going to write the entirety of the bus trip in the show notes. I will let you know that it’s a funny listen. Enjoy.

With that, it’s time for This Week in BS!

This Week in BS

Brian updates everyone on the status of our recently ordered Donald Trump Troll doll from Kickstarter. We should have our doll in the next few weeks and we hope you ordered yours just like we did.

That’s all for this week! See you next Wednesday!

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