The Unadulterated BS Podcast Podcast Vol. IV, Episode 08 – Toothaches, Pancakes, and No Brakes… for Sasquatch

Vol. IV, Episode 08 – Toothaches, Pancakes, and No Brakes… for Sasquatch

Vol. IV, Episode 08 - Toothaches, Pancakes, and No Brakes... for Sasquatch

Brian and Melissa apologize profusely for the delay. As a token of our appreciation for our listeners, we discuss more topics than can be listed as a blurb for a podcast.

Brian and Melissa introduce this week’s episode with a semi-sincere apology in regards to the missed episodes from the past few weeks. In addition, Brian has audio clips, some of his favorites from past shows, hosts and guests.

Brian gets into the reason for the delay between recent podcasts, including a dental emergency that would have had him speaking like Donald Duck. The apologies continue as we promised to deliver an episode of LiquorFlix, but the audio file has gone missing. We’ll keep looking, but this could be yet another lost episode of LiquorFlix.

A rundown of the day occurs, including discussing our recent couples foray into video games. Brian & Mel discuss their playing of Diablo III. Yep, we’re way behind on games and playing on a system from two gaming cycles ago.

“What is the age at which things just start to fall off?”

Through all the described injuries and maladies, Brian wonders aloud at what age his body parts will just start falling off.

Brian and Melissa discuss their recent yearly tradition of watching the University of Wisconsin Men’s basketball team in the NCAA tournament. Prior to this recording, the Badgers had been eliminated in their Sweet 16 contest with the Florida Gators. As with any basketball conversation between the two of us, we discuss Melissa’s hatred of the “squeaky shoes” that can be heard during most any televised basketball game.

This leads us into This Week in BS…

This Week in BS

After This Week in BS, talk turns to facial hair, particularly that of reality television stars and professional wrestlers. We’d try to break down what happens next, but I’s hard to explain. It includes Brian acting like a kitten, arm bruises, and drunken injuries.

Brian makes mention very late in the show of his love for pro wrestling and the upcoming WrestleMania event. He mentions that most people tune out when talks about professional wrestling so sticking it at the end of the show seemed prudent.

Finally, as we wrapped up the show, lines were crossed and Transylvanians possibly offended.

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