The Unadulterated BS Podcast Podcast Vol. IV, Episode 07 – Simple Nate

Vol. IV, Episode 07 – Simple Nate

Vol. IV, Episode 07 - Simple Nate

As Greg and Nate return for a second appearance we coin a new nickname for one of our guests, Simple Nate. There really isn’t anything more to say for this episode except that you should listen right away before it disappears in a flurry of lawsuits.

Brian introduces the show and brings Melissa and our guests Nathan Johnson and Greg Dziadosz (spelling corrected this week at the behest of our podcast guest). When Melissa doesn’t have a suggestion for a possible review for our listeners to leave for us, Nate and Greg make their presence known by immediately not understanding how podcasting works and dropping a reference from WKRP in Cincinnati, respectively.

The group almost immediately goes back to what worked so well during Nate and Greg’s last visit, making fun of Nate and his Merchant of Middleton story. We discuss a few t-shirt ideas sure to be arriving on our website as soon as we are able. Greg discusses the protestors that may arrive during his annual birthday/St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl bus trip. A good deal of this will require listening to Nate and Greg’s previous visit during Vol. IV, Episode 03. Names are dropped and laughs are had, mostly at Nate’s expense.

Brian directs you, our humble listeners, to view our Behind the BS blog at where we’ll post behind the scenes photos and more regarding the making of The Unadulterated BS Podcast.

Giving you a taste of those behind the scenes antics, talk turns to the Chromecast display in the studio, where we will share photos, videos and new stories during This Week in BS with our guests and co-hosts. A picture shown in the screen saver mode depicted a grandmotherly woman and a young boy putting something into the oven. Brian describes this picture which leads to perhaps the most unbelievable guest statement ever uttered on the podcast. You’ll have to hear it to believe it. Yes, he went there.

The aforementioned statement brings us to a conversation about our producers fining us for having a late episode (the same reason this episode is posting at a non-standard time as well).

Brian makes mention of Nate being the unofficial mascot of The Unadulterated BS Podcast. This includes Greg making fun of the website slide photo that accompanied Nate and Greg’s last episode. This brings about the nickname of Simple Nate. This holds our attention for a moment as we discuss a clothing line for just Nate featuring multiple different shirt styles and designs.

Greg tells us a story told to him by a mutual friend of our guests, Cooter. The story involves Nate being mistaken for a woman being abducted and being pulled over by the police as a result. Nate goes really deep with names almost none of our listeners will know. Nate defends his actions as simply telling the truth.

Talk returns to last years St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl. We discussed the lesbian couple that Nate offended and almost fought, Brian’s attempts to pole dance that caused him a great deal of groin pain, and discussed someone’s attire that may end up in Nate and/or Greg getting in a great deal of trouble.

This leads us into This Week in BS…

This Week in BS

Our conversations during This Week in BS bring us to a conversation on how Disney is sure to sue us (we hope not). This included the story of a recent death at a Disney theme park at the hands of an alligator. This leads to us discussing Melissa’s hatred for people from the deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep South.

We end this episode going over how you can find us and our guests online, Brian’s inability to spell Greg’s name correctly, and making inappropriate comments while watching movies in the theater.

This is the second of two The Unadulterated BS Podcast episodes posted this week. Unfortunately, due to a few complications outside of our control, we were unable to get a podcast up last week. In addition, we have a special edition of LiquorFlix coming sometime this weekend as well with Nate, Greg and Beth sitting in as we watch Twilight. Thanks for your patience and we hope it’s rewarded with almost four hours of audio!

Until next time… have a great f’n week!

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