The Unadulterated BS Podcast Podcast Vol. IV, Episode 06 – High Class White Trash

Vol. IV, Episode 06 – High Class White Trash

Vol. 4, Episode 06 - High Class White Trash

Melissa and Brian go it alone after having issues, mostly beyond their control, recording our latest episode of The Unadulterated BS Podcast.

After introducing the show, Brian discusses meeting the producer for our show, foisted on us by The Dark Ravine Productions, Garrett Donahue. The producers were upset with the issues that lead to our late show posting. Melissa gets upset with little people… again. Brian describes the new producer all while making himself out to be a complete imbecile.

Brian and Melissa explain the reasoning for the late podcast posting including our attempt to have a past guest, Heidi Marks, on the show. In addition, we also attempted to interview Heidi’s four-legged son, Eben. Yep, a dog. A new high-mark has been hit on The Unadulterated BS Podcast.

Recently, The Unadulterated BS Podcast moved homes and we’re now available at During this switchover, Brian suggests that he may have ruined the internet for most of the United States for a period of time. In addition, Brian is unable to speak during this episode.

Brian points out another outlet to find out more about The Unadulterated BS Podcast. We’ve revived our Tumblr blog at We’ll be posting behind the scenes photos and our guest book with each and every episode.

With that, it’s time for This Week… in BS!

This Week in BS

We finish the evening with a story of a recent interview Brian had at his day job wherein he bombed magnificently.

This will be the first of two The Unadulterated BS Podcast episodes posted this week. Unfortunately, due to a few complications outside of our control (and the aforementioned bombing of our first recording attempt), we were unable to get a podcast up last week. In addition, we have a special edition of LiquorFlix coming sometime this week as well. Thanks for your patience and we hope it’s rewarded with almost four hours of audio!

Until next time… have a great f’n week!

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