The Unadulterated BS Podcast Podcast Vol. IV, Episode 05 – It’s Probably Stale

Vol. IV, Episode 05 – It’s Probably Stale

Volume IV, Episode 05 - It's Probably Stale

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he parade of guests through Studio BB continues as our friends, and podcast listeners, James and Lisa drop in. We discuss how our show is responsible for their relationship, Pearl Jam, politics and play a very saucy edition of Vs. The Urban Dictionary. It’s Valentine’s Day and this is THE UNADULTERATED BS PODCAST!

Brian introduces the show, being sure to comment on the intro of the lovely Melissa. James (@redmosquito) and Lisa (@Sunnygirl535) can’t help themselves but to speak up during our normal intro, their excitement to be guests on the show being so great. We introduce this week’s show and get into how The Unadulterated BS Podcast brought this happy couple together. This brings us to mentioning (name dropping, really) some old fans and friends of the podcast. A nice trip down “friends of podcast lane” wherein we remember the meet-up at Eddie’s Alehouse in Sun Prairie and how we all met. While Brian is thrilled to proclaim that The Unadulterated BS Podcast helped to create a couple, it seems that James and Lisa, while initially agreeing, are being difficult.

James and Lisa, being huge Pearl Jam fans, tell us about their experiences seeing the band live and their interactions with other Pearl Jam fans. James can admits to seeing Pearl Jam live 19 times including recently at Wrigley Field in Chicago. This brings us to a story about their AirBnB stay for the Wrigley Field concert and their near brush with fame. That is, if you consider NHL players famous. Lisa, regardless of the story, believes that Patrick Sharp is super hot. For some reason, Brian is able to nerd out on professional wrestling. The judging commences quickly from the other podcast participants.

After a short digression into Mr. T territory, Brian finds a way to pitch his terrible versions of popular 80’s television shows. This includes The A-Team and MacGyver. Our talk turns to other old memories of The Unadulterated BS Podcast, including old sponsors and guests hosts.

James and Lisa, through discussion of a former sponsor, walk us through their favorite beers. As with many guests, James and Lisa brought us some adult beverage options suiting their tastes. All of it was delicious, and as always, we always appreciate these types of gestures from our guests.

Things take a turn for the political as we discuss James and Lisa attending the recent Women’s March in Madison, WI. Lisa shares her thoughts on that march/protest and what it meant to her and others. James shows his political leanings with his comments. We end the segment with Lisa giving an impassioned plea for people to get involved, even with the small things, to help make changes in government.

This Week in BS

We finish the evening by playing an incredibly fun version of Vs. The Urban Dictionary where James and Lisa face off against one-another. Our game ends in a very shocking fashion.

We end the evening with plugs for our guests and all of our podcast information. Thanks for listening and have a great week!

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