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Podcast Feed Changes

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or those of you who have subscribed to our podcast feed and have seen issues, I apologize. Rest assured, we are still open for business.

Many years ago, when our original website,, came up for renewal, we were not recording podcasts, nor did we have the funds to continue to record at our past rate. When Mel and I came back to podcasting during the summer of 2016, we no longer owned the original website and a lot had changed. With that, we decided to branch out and start our podcast production company The Dark Ravine Productions. This lead to the creation of as a home base for all of the podcasts created under one banner.

At first, we did an excellent job of pushing out content, be it Brian & Mel Get MarriedLiquorflix, or The Unadulterated BS Podcast, under the Dark Ravine Productions banner. As time went on, we found that our true passion was The Unadulterated BS Podcast and we felt it was time to brand that separately from our production company as the two were getting confusing. It is for this reason that we opened We were hoping to give a hub ONLY for The Unadulterated BS Podcast, our flagship show, while remaining connected to The Dark Ravine Productions.

With that, we unveil ( also points to this site). While there may be some feed issues up front, we will work to get those worked out ASAP so all of your subscriptions work. Otherwise, feel free to follow the update feed ( right away to get all of the newest shows.

Thanks for sticking with us during this transition and here’s to an exciting 2017 for The Unadulterated BS Podcast!

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