Welcome to Unadulteratedbs.net!

The Unadulterated BS Podcast has it’s own home on the internet again. As we wait patiently for our former website to become available again, you can find our podcast website at http://unadulteratedbs.net/ or http://unadulteratedbs.info/. Both websites take you to the same great content.

Our former home and production house, thedarkravine.com, still exists and will act as a hub for all of the podcasts that we produce. However, if you are only interested in 100%, Unadulterated BS, then this is your new home for everything related to The Unadulterated BS Podcast.

Thanks for joining us in our new home!

Brian Dunkel

Father of three, plus two more. If my math is correct, that's five. Asking how that came to be is a story best heard. Professional underachiever who has been podcasting since 2010 as host of The Unadulterated BS Podcast.

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