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Mufasa Shouts

We discuss hippies, hippos, and hip-hop. Following that conversation, we discuss going to our nieces’ play and Mufasa shouting to show emotion.

Deep Inky Blacks

On today’s episode, Brian discusses the strange businesses that follow our Twitter account. He also tells Mel about the “deep inky blacks” on modern TVs.

Thanksgiving Turkey

Itchy Nose Noise

Today’s recording starts with Mel and her itchy nose. We move forward discussing what can be expected as we move into the Thanksgiving holiday season.


Baywatch Theme

It’s day seventeen of National Podcast Post Month (#NaPodPoMo)! In today’s episode, Brian and Melissa talk the Baywatch Theme Song.

The Brain

Brain Proof

Brian has BRAIN PROOF. He’s also saying words that have no meaning when strung together. Things are falling apart. Mel has rice on the leg, it’s raining food scraps, and – in the end – we blame our kids.

Dollar Bills

Make It Rain

It’s day fifteen of National Podcast Post Month (#NaPodPoMo)! On today’s episode, Melissa has a meltdown. No, really. She’s eating the microphone covers and wanting to make it rain. Brian is here, too.


Today, Brian and Mel bring back a standard feature from The Unadulterated BS Podcast… This Week in BS. In today’s story, we talk about phoenices.


We Put the Po in #NaPodPoMo

Mel gets angry about Po. Not former co-host Robert Poe, the Po in NaPodPoMo. Brian doesn’t let her hear the end of it, because what fun would that be?

The Kids


Brian and Mel discuss Melissa’s red eyes. They’re so red and irritated. Speaking of irritated, what happens when your five children just won’t be quiet?

Amazon Alexa

Comedy bronze brought to you by Alexa

It’s day eleven of National Podcast Post Month (#NaPodPoMo)! Brian and Mel discuss their creation of comedy bronze. We also discuss Brian’s daily Alexa usage.