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  • Pasadena Mudslide

    Robert rejoins the gang in the first Unadulterated BS Podcast of the new year. The guys explore sexting and renaming the Tweet. In addition, we discuss witches in eastern Europe and banning words on the internet. Also, much discussion ensues regarding next week's episode... The BS-A-Thon!

  • Chocoteeth

    On a very special New Years Eve edition of the show, Brian, Big Show and Guest Star, Johnny Logan, attempt to wrap their heads around Chocoteeth. Their success in this endeavor is open for debate.

  • Mud Butt

    Brian, Robert, and The Big Show spend some time getting to know the internet and its dirty little secrets. This Week in BS we touch on naked Wisconsinites and ladies underwear. Also, a special guest by phone and words from Stan "The Opinion" Griffin.

  • Archived Podcast ArtworkArchived Podcast Artwork


    After seeing a Twitter alteration to an Avengers: Infinity War screenshot, I just had to share this classic episode. This episode features Brian Dunkel, "Big Show" Matt Schafer, and "One Take" Robert Poe.

  • Two to Tango

    Brian, The Big Show and Bobby Poe, joined by special guests Sheri and Corey, take part in a very special episode of The Unadulterated BS Podcast.

  • The Opinion

    Join Brian, The Big Show, Bobby Poe, and special guest Johnny Logan as they discuss The Week in BS. Other features include discussion of our weekly poll at http://unadulteratedbs.com, "The Opinion" apologizes and Unadulterated Entertainment.

  • Quickie – 12 Days of Christmas

    Our first Quickie pulled from Episode 94. Didn't want to leave it on the cutting room floor because it was funny enough for you to hear.

  • Episode 03 – Black Friday

    Brian and The Big Show welcome a special guest sitting in for "The Opinion," Robert Poe. The boys talk about This Week in BS, Black Friday, and Thanksgiving.

  • Episode 02 – Spelling BS

    Brian, Stan and the Big Show embark on the second week of Unadulterated BS. Blake Gigglesworth makes his BS debut and Big Show chats with his mother in our first interview. News, entertainment, and lingerie talk all take place during your week dose of BS.

  • Episode 01 – The Debut Episode

    The trio of Brian, Stan and The Big Show record together for the very first time in the debut episode of The Unadulterated BS Podcast. It gets weird.

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