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I had an idea, but then I lost it

I had an idea but then I lost it. It was a good idea, or so I thought. I was ready to write about it. It amused me to no end. But now, a day later, I have no idea. I lost it.

Thank you!

Thank You, Lil’ BS’ers

November and December have been great months for The Unadulterated BS Podcast. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank our listeners, old and new, for making the end of 2017 a great one.

Support Our Podcast

Our new Support Our Podcast page is now online. This is the easiest way to find ways you can help to support our show. Or, you can head to as a shortcut. As...


November is #NaPodPoMo

To celebrate both NaPodPoMo and our return from a lengthy hiatus, The Unadulterated BS Podcast will be posting one episode a day for the entirety of November.

This Week’s Show

We’ve made mention of this on social media but I wanted to let anyone visiting our site know that our show for this week will appear later than normal. Thanks to circumstances mostly beyond...

Podcast Feed Changes

or those of you who have subscribed to our podcast feed and have seen issues, I apologize. Rest assured, we are still open for business. Many years ago, when our original website,, came...

Welcome to!

The Unadulterated BS Podcast has it’s own home on the internet again. As we wait patiently for our former website to become available again, you can find our podcast website at or